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Invisible Things, which Might Bring more Customers to your Business

Every web site has two sides: front and back. Any person can see a front end of a web page, after typing a web site’s address on the window of the browser. Not everybody can see a back end of a web page, only a web designer or the web site's owner can see it.
Why do we need to see it and what is the benefit from it?

Every business owner would be interested to know “How many users come to his web site?”, “What web pages do they check out?”, “What products or services do they want?”, “What countries are these users from?”, “How many local people interested in your products or services?”. All of it and more you can see, if you have the access to the c-panel of your web site. Practically, all paid host providers give the access to the c-panel of a web site. Some, but not all free hosting providers give the access to the c-panel of a web site too.

When you decide “How much money would you like to spend on hosting” take in account this information. Would you be interested to see statistic (AWStat) for your web site?

Control-panel (c-panel) has many functions, for example, e-mail services, sending request forms from a web site. You can set up an automatic respond, and your customers would be notified by e-mails about new products and services. You can set up the form, where your customers can book an appointments, then you don’t need a person, full time answering the phone and booking the appointments. Many paid host providers allow you open few web sites, many mail-boxes, have an easy access to the free shopping carts to set up an e-store and much more.

Thus, with the c-panel you have the access to the important information, that can help you to provide a better service through a web site to your users, and attract more new clients to your real business.

From this web page you learned about c-panel and benefits for your business from using it.

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