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How Many Pages Do you Need for your Web site and How to Save money with it?

First of all, “What is a web page?” A web page is what you see on the screen of your computer. When you make a click, then you see another page. You do more clicks, you bring more pages. Any web designer charges you money for the time he spent on creating all these web pages. More web pages you order, more money you pay. It is very simple math.

Most business owners are thinking about 1st page only, and how attractive it should be for their customers. They don’t realize, that there are some rules behind web sites and a web design. One of the rules is to have a web page “Terms and Conditions”, for example. If you want to have a professionally looking web site, then it should have few web pages, which are mandatory: main, about us, contact, terms and conditions.
“Main” page has a description “what you do” or “what you sell”.

A web page “Contact” has to have your phone number, or e-mail address, or a contact form to send a request from your web site. In our days more advanced technology was invented, when your customers can book an appointments with your business from their advanced cell phones or computers.

Your web site needs a web page “About Us”, if you want people trust your business. You have to provide them with the information about your business, staff, location and a map, that helps to find your business.

A web page “Terms and Conditions” is very important too, in case, somebody wants to sue you. This page will protect you from users, who used your services or products wrong ways.
So, as a minimum you need four web pages. If you are going to use a free hosting, check ahead “How many web pages do they allow to open for free?”
Probably, one or two web pages are not much, but it depends from your business and “what you do”. If you want people to know only your contact information, then you can place very short description of your service or your product on a web page and some contact information: a phone number, e-mail, a map, that will help to find your business. This is one page, and another one is “Terms and Conditions“, your total is two pages.
With two web pages you will spend very little money or no money at all, if you have free templates.

Another way to save money on the number of the web pages to place the information “About Us” and “Contact” at the same web page, then your total will be three web pages.
In our opinion, the best minimal number of web pages is five; they are: main, products or services, about us, contact, terms and conditions.

From this page you learned “How much money can you save on ordering certain numbers of web pages”.

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