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How to Accept Payments through a Web Site

If you are selling things on Internet, then you need to know about different payments' options. Most shopping carts have the option to connect to Pay Pal module or to other modules, which can accept payments from the different credit cards.

As a business owner you know, that the security of the money transactions is very important matter and, probably, you don’t know that it depends from the type of hosting. Your web site is physically located on a server. If you are paying for a dedicated server, then the risk to compromise your web site and to steel the sensitive information is lower, compared to the shared server. In this case you can use modules, which allow to accept payments from different credit cards.

If your web store is located on the shared server, where other owners of different web sites keep their sites too, the risk of loosing sensitive information is very high. In this case better to use payment’s options from the 3d party, when a link from your web store connects to a web site of a big company with the high level of security.

Pay Pal is very well known as a secure service for the money transactions on the Internet. It operates in many countries, and uses beside dollars different currencies. Most people in the world trust this service. Probably, for the owners of the small businesses Pay Pal is the choice number one.

All transactions go through their web site, and money come to your Pay Pal account. From the Pay Pal account you have to transfer funds electronically to your bank account. Therefore, all the information, that you need from your customers: shipping addresses, items purchased from your e-store and other is stored in your shopping cart. You can use this information for regular operations in your store, but the information about the credit cards or the Pay Pal accounts of your customers is not accessible to you.

From this topic your learned, that any shopping cart has the option to accept credit cards directly or through the Pay Pal service. Depending from your hosting (shared server or dedicated one), you can use one or another payment option.

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