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"We share our knowledge and provide a consulting service, helping business owners to find cost efficient ways for a web site design." - Kalamelka Production, Kamloops.

Kalamelka Production School

Free Web Courses

Usually, owners of small businesses so busy with their work, that they have no time to read things about a web design.
If the owner needs a web site, he/she usually orders it from a web designer.

Any business owner knows very well everything about his business, and knows very little about web sites. Opposite to that, a web designer knows very little about that certain business, but very knowledgeable about a web design.
The lack of knowledge brings some misunderstanding and sometimes creates funny stories. It is very common, when a web designer spending a lot of time, trying to educate a business owner about a web design.
Actually, a web designer spending more time for teaching, rather then for creating a web site. Big companies usually have a staff member, who does all this teaching to their clients. Small companies, with one or two employees don’t have this opportunity.

We hope, that our free web courses will help both groups, saving time of a web designer and a business owner.

We brought different topics, which are more common for these situations. Please, have fun, reading them. Feel free to use our courses for your own education, or for teaching other people, with respect to our copyrights.

1. How to create a functional web site without paying too much for it

2. How to save money on the graphic design of your web site

3. How much money can you save on ordering certain numbers of web pages

4. Invisible things, which might bring more customers to your business

5. How to accept payments through a web site

6. What a business owner needs to know about a content of a web page

7. How to find a good Hosting Company

8. Is it too much hassle to have my own e-store?

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